”I can’t date someone who can’t support my lifestyle of exposing My Body and Other Things”” – ActressIyabo Ojo’s daughter, Priscilla [VIDEO]

Priscilla Ojo, the daughter of popular Nollywood actress Iyabo Ojo, has stated that she wouldn’t consider dating someone who is financially below her.


The 22-year-old influencer made this statement during a recent podcast session where she opened up on the type of men she would be open to dating.


She emphasized that she is financially independent, works hard for her money, and can only date a man who is within or above her income bracket.


In response, the other ladies on the podcast expressed agreement with her statement, adding that the man would pull them back in life.

Priscy further explained that she can’t date someone with a lower income because they wouldn’t be able support her lifestyle and business.

She added that she can’t be friends with someone who is not adding anything to her life, talk more of a romantic partner.


As expected, her statement has sparked a flurry of comments on social media, with some saying they understand her stance while others knocked her.

Read some of the comments below,

@mi_ra_cle001 wrote, “She’s saying the truth “A supportive partner” is what everyone needs not someone that will pull you down”

@e_r_i_n_a_y_o wrote, “Dating someone below you doesn’t justify he or she can’t add value to you , and dating someone higher than you doesn’t mean he or she will add value to your life …….. anyways value is in different series I presume”

@theholyman_ wrote, “Na Men Dey always Mess up.
We should stop dating people below us too”

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