See the Nigerian lady Without Hands But Can Cook, Drive, Eat With Her Feet (Video)

 A woman from Dallas Texas, Kashmiere Culberson has shown the world how she manages to drive around in her, even though she doesn’t have hands.

In 1997, that’s 22 years ago, doctors told her parents Tomika and Phillip Bomar that their baby girl would be born without arms, because of a rare condition called Bilateral Phocomelia.

Fast forward to today, and Kashmiere’s making videos for social media and her own YouTube channel showing how she cooks, does her hair and other everyday activities with her feet to delight her over 100,000 followers.

“I want people to see me in person and see me on YouTube and know that there’s no difference…I just want to be myself!” Kashmiere said.

In 2020, Kashmiere graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in psychology and a perspective that no textbook can teach.

She hopes to become a motivational speaker, and possibly a reality star. Those hopes are efforts to inspire those like her to be strong and not give up.

The video:

Watch the video below:

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