I Live In One Room Apartment With No Roof On It, Please I Need Money And gHood Accommodation”- Veteran actress Mama Ajirotutu Share Her Story That Will Almost Make To Shield A Tear

Popular Yoruba actress, Oluwaranti Radeke Adebayo best known as mama Ajirotutu cries out for help.


Mama Ajirotutu has issued an emotional plea for financial assistance to fellow Nigerians.

The Nollywood legend disclosed in a video that she is currently going through a lot of challenges and have been unable to afford a decent house as she lives in a one room apartment.

In an emotionally charged narrative, Mama Ajirotutu shares a heart-wrenching story that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Speaking in the Yoruba language

In her words, “I only have fame, I don’t have money. I am going through a lot of challenges. I can’t afford to complete the work on my house in Ikorodu. I live in a one room apartment. I wish to produce a movie to make money but I am broke. Please have mercy one, I need money and good accomodation”

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