“Is She Married?”– reaction trails as Mc Lively makes shocking revelation about Taaooma

Skitmaker, Michael Sani Amanesi, known by his stage name MC Lively has made a shocking revelation about his female colleague, Adedoyin Maryam Apaokagi better known as Taaooma, Praizemedia report.

Taking to his Instagram story, MC Lively claimed that the top female skit maker is married.


The skit maker had stormed Taaooma’s house where he was royally welcomed. Impressed with her reception and the array of food she served him, MC Lively declared that he would stop visiting his single friends’ houses.

According to him, married people are more hospitable and know how to treat their guests and visitors well unlike singles.

He added that anytime he goes to his married friends’ house, they prepare sumptuous meals for him.

Though he didn’t say directly that Taooma is married, his statement insinuated that the skit maker is.

“Is like I will be visiting married people more. All my single friends, don’t expect me in your house because anytime I go to married people’s house, they are always preparing a table for me in the presence of my enemies”.

He added, “Married people rock”

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