“First time Celebrating birthday without my Daddy”– Isbau U goes Emotional, remembers late father

Nigerian skit maker and content creator Isbae U clocked a year older on Wednesday, April 5, and it was his first time celebrating without his father, Praizemedia report.

The skit maker, who lost his dad and veteran actor Sir K Kamoru last year, revealed it was his first birthday as an orphan. He shared a clip of an art design of him and his late dad.


He wrote: “It’s My first Birthday With Out my Dad , My first Birthday as an Orphan ShankarBabu Day , Alhamdullilahi Celebrate my Life by Praying for me .

Isbea U, a popular skit maker, recently celebrated his birthday without his dad, who had passed away. The emotional moment was shared on social media, and it has stirred up reactions from fans and followers.

In the video, Isbea U can be seen standing in front of a birthday cake, surrounded by family and friends, but he couldn’t hold back tears as he expressed how difficult it was for him to celebrate his first birthday without his dad. He shared how his dad always made his birthdays special and how he missed him terribly.

The video has garnered a lot of attention and reactions from fans and followers. Many have taken to social media to express their sympathy and offer their support to the skit maker. Some fans have also shared their own experiences of celebrating birthdays without loved ones, and how difficult it can be.

Isbea U’s video is a reminder that even in the midst of celebrations, it’s okay to feel sad and emotional when we miss our loved ones. It’s important to allow ourselves to feel and process our emotions, even when it’s difficult.

Furthermore, the skit maker’s video also highlights the power of social media in bringing people together and offering support during difficult times. Through social media, Isbea U was able to share his emotions and connect with fans and followers who can relate to his experience.

In conclusion, Isbea U’s emotional video has sparked a conversation about grief and loss, and it serves as a reminder to cherish the time we have with our loved ones. It also shows the importance of social media in connecting people and offering support during difficult times.

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