“You Are Always Ruude To All The Elders Around You, And Also Slaapped Your Mother-in-law And Insult Your Husband On Our Movie Set” – Bakare Zainab Drag Wunmi Toriola (Video)

Nollywood actress Bakare Zainab sparked drama as she publicly criticized her colleague, Wumi Toriola, over her recent movie, “Sister Esther.”

In a video shared on her Instagram Live, Bakare expressed her bewilderment at Wumi’s audacity, questioning how she felt entitled to speak disrespectfully to her.

She pointed out that Wumi’s behavior had been triggering her for over four years, despite her efforts to ignore it.

The Yoruba star disclosed that when she planned to upload her movie, ‘Sister Esther’, she received a message from someone claiming that Wumi had instructed them to inform her to credit her as inspiration in the movie. She emphasized that Wumi is not a trailblazer and does not set the pace for others.

Furthermore, she accused Wumi of being rude to everyone on set, regardless of age, and declared that she was done with her. She asserted that she was prepared to confront Wumi directly and address the issue openly.

“The audacity baffles me a lot. What gives you the strength to think you can just be talking? It’s been over 4 years, and I just overlook things, sometimes I just post on my WhatsApp status, you guys should go hold your favorite. Tonight I want to upload my movie and someone is telling people to tell me to put inspired by. What’s wrong with you? Grow up. Must it be you, why can’t you shush your mouth and just move? Some people set the pace and so many people will follow that pace, but you I don’t understand you, u can’t even follow your pace. If you set any stup!d pace, I will kick it away, because I don’t want to be like you. At location, you will be rude to everybody both young and old. I think I am done with all this bullshit. Since you sent people to me in private, I have come with my full chest to tell you to stop it. The next time I am coming on this

Live video is to mention your name. I have given enough clue, those that know I am talking to you, will send this to you”.

Though she didn’t mention Wumi Toriola’s name, she didn’t fail to hint that she was referring to the movie star.

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