“Please Advice Me, Should I Pack Out” – See what my husband did to me for mistakenly burning the food we’re supposed to eat for lunch When I was Pressing Phone (Photos)

I was cooking this food and was pressing my phone, checking things people posted on Facebook and I was carried away.

I didn’t remember that I put good on fire.

It started cooking the food because my husband called me and told me that he was on his way back that I should prepare food because he is hungry.

I forgot to check the food and it got burned… my husband came back and saw the food, I told him to manage and eat it like that and he descended on me and b£at the heII out of me???? I have called my mother to tell her what happen and she told me to start coming home but my husband is now begging me to forgive him. Should I go back to my parent’s house or should forgive my husband. Please advice me.

Nigerian lady seems for an advice.

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