Nigerian Man takes a selfie after catching another man enjoying His Wife [See Photos]

Abdulateef Adedimeji, a prominent Nigerian filmmaker, actor, and entrepreneur, is causing a stir on the internet due to a recent video where he subtly acknowledges the significant age gap between himself and his actress wife, Bimpe Oyebade, popularly known as Mo Bimpe.


Lateef Adedimeji, who recently marked his 40th birthday, engaged in a discussion with fellow colleagues in the film industry, reflecting on his educational journey and drawing comparisons to that of his wife.


The actor, known for his role in the Anikulapo series, revealed that while he was graduating from university, his wife who is 26-year-old was at the stage of preparing to enter secondary school, highlighting the significant age gap between their academic pursuits.


As the video captured some of the actor’s colleagues expressing skepticism about his revelation, Lateef Adedimeji turned to his wife and invited her to refute his statement, perhaps seeking her confirmation to dispel any doubts.


Responding, Mo Bimpe, who refused to address the answer, stated that she is his wife irrespective of their age differences.

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