“I And My Wife Planned To Ab0rt Our First Child But My Mother-in-law Caught Us In The Hospital” – Actor Owolabi Ajasa Reveals (See Photos)

Veteran Nollywood actor, screenwriter, and producer Owolabi Ajasa shares insights into his experience of fatherhood in an exclusive interview with FATTEH HAMID.

Reflecting on the Values of Fatherhood:

Ajasa emphasizes the importance of responsibility in fatherhood, highlighting the role of providing for the family’s needs, ensuring their well-being, and maintaining the household, including paying rent and other essential tasks.

Love for Family:

Expressing his deep affection for his children and wife, Ajasa underscores the significance of parenthood, acknowledging that one truly becomes a father through the gift of children and the bond of family.

Generational Differences in Parenting:

Ajasa notes the evolving nature of parenting compared to his upbringing, citing differences in education, discipline, and societal expectations between his own childhood and his children’s upbringing.

Inherited Lessons in Discipline:

Drawing from his father’s example, Ajasa upholds a firm approach to discipline, passing down the values of respect and obedience to his own children.

Navigating the Path to Parenthood:

Ajasa reflects on the cultural norms that influenced the timing of starting a family, recounting the expectations placed upon him by his parents and the societal pressure to marry and have children at a young age.

The Love Story Behind the Marriage:

Ajasa reminisces about the beginnings of his relationship with his wife, sharing the story of their early connection and the role of fate in their journey together.

Challenges of Early Parenthood:

Ajasa recalls the uncertainty and challenges he faced when he and his wife discovered they were expecting their first child, highlighting the financial strain and emotional turmoil they experienced.

Cultural Expectations of Male Offspring:

Ajasa discusses the cultural significance of having a male child as the firstborn, reflecting on the traditional beliefs and societal pressures surrounding gender roles in Yoruba culture.

Personal Evolution Through Fatherhood:

While certain aspects of his personality remained unchanged, Ajasa acknowledges the transformative effect of fatherhood on his attitude towards responsibility and financial management.

Balancing Career and Family:

Despite the demands of his career in the media industry, Ajasa emphasizes the importance of integrating his experiences as a father into his creative work, aiming to impart meaningful messages to his audience.

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