“Damola Olatunji is a Jigolo Who Extort Money From Abroad Based Married Ladies’ He’s now Dating Wumi Ajiboye” – Bloggers Exposed Damola Olatunji and Two other Nollywood actress Roman ce Affairs (Photos, Video)

This particular gist is from popular blogger gistlover ;

Hello tueh tueh, THIS PARTICULAR GIST DEY VERY MESSY, I am putting this gist out there to save a fellow man who is funding his wife side prick not knowing to him and the wife lied to him say the side prick na colleague, for this life na cheating I hate pass, you can’t be funding another gigolo who feeds in women with your husband money, e no go ever possible.

Meet the triangle love story currently going on in the Yoruba industry , The man in question who happens to be the striker is no one other than Damola Olatunji, the women involved are , Omowunmi Ajiboye and one married upcoming artist named Ololade ebong, Damola na one of the numerous nollywood guys who target abroad based married/single ladies to extort them , some of these celebrities even hold these abroad based ladies to ransom by blackmailing them.

Damola is one of those guys , after starting an affair with lolade ebong all in the name of filmmaking , he connived with ololade and told her to get money from her husband so they can produce a cinema movie of which that one wey prick don Enter her skul sef agreed to the plan, ololade husband na well respected man who works with a reputable firm, na pity I pity the man wey make me come scatter the whole gist now because me man you are pouring water in a basket ooo, Lolade and Damola continued their affairs and funds was coming from Lolade husband, this whole issue happened even before Arugba pack comot for house, not long after Wunmi Ajiboye segun ogungbe ex wife came into the picture , infact this one is not hidden to anyone again as the whole industry knows of this affair, even baba Latin vex say why Damola onidokudo go Dey knack him colleague wife but Wunmi talk say na her life say she fit do anything she want and she go make sure say Damola marry her put for house, she kn the other hand Dey lavish money in Damola, all the money she gets from knacking agbero , she go take am go do wife material for Damola, the whole Abeokuta movie caucus finds this gist absurd but Wunmi no send anybody papa oo, even for location na so them Dey knack each other, fight is about to start as the other lady, Lolade isn’t finding it funny any longer, she keeps stal

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