Nigerian Lady Returns To The Village Goes To The Farm To Thank Her Father For Puting Her Through University (Video) ‎

A young lady has received praises and heartfelt remarks from Nigerians after she was spotted hugging her father in his farm after rounding off her NYSC programme.

The ex-corp member just bagged her National Youth Service Corp certificate, and like a river that never forgets its source, she went back to celebrate with her father, who is a farmer.

According to reports, the subsistence farmer struggled to put her through school with the proceeds of his agriculture business.

The smile on her father’s face is indeed priceless and he used that opportunity to say some words of prayers for her.

See more photos below;


  1. See how wicked ladies can be, because if her father, she has gone all the way to farm to kneel and thank him.

    But if it were a boy friends that put her though school, she would have sighted another better person and then go and throw abandonment quarrels to the guy, and in return if the guy reacts, she will tell him what have you done that another man hasn’t done for a woman before.

    Guyz be wise…..

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