Mohbad secretly came to our hospital and did secret DNA test on son, Liam before he died – Nigerian man shares result of alleged test

A Nigerian guy disclosed the results of a purportedly secret DNA test that Mohbad supposedly performed before his demise.

In a video, he said that Mohbad had tested his son  DNA, and the results were unfavorable.He asserted that he was unable to inform the public of his findings since the singer was going through trauma and didn’t want things to become worse.


In his words:

“It is very glaring that Mohbad is not the biological father of that Liam. It will shock you when I tell you that Mohbad did DNA test for Liam while he was alive and the result was negative.

“Negative in the sense that Mohbad is not the biological father but due to what Mohbad was going through, he couldn’t say it out. Due to the trauma, he couldn’t say it out.”

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