Do You Agree ?? “Ijakumo was way better than Battle on Buka Street” – Fans react to Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele’s New movie

The recent release of Nigerian actresses Toyin Abraham and Funke Akindele movies “Ijakumo” and “Battle on Buka Street” has ignited a spirited debate among fans and movie enthusiasts, praizemedia report.

As opinions continue to flood social media platforms, fans are expressing contrasting views on which movie they consider superior.

“Ijakumo” and “Battle on Buka Street” were highly anticipated releases, featuring two of Nollywood’s most beloved actresses. While both films showcased the actresses’ talent and creativity, fans have been quick to share their personal preferences, leading to a spirited discussion among supporters of both stars.

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Numerous fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions, with many expressing their strong belief that “Ijakumo” surpassed “Battle on Buka Street” in various aspects.

See reactions below:

– Ijakunmo I sha know was better way better than battle on buka Street

– I watched the movie in the night and I couldn’t pause it till it finished by 3am. I felt like I should enter the screen and punch Kunle. Like seriously, the film is amazing. Now I know what Idi Uganda means????. Well done. It is a fantastic movie

– he moment one understand and realise the genre of aunty Funke and the style of aunty Toyin. The better for one!
Both producers had a certain style of narrative. Understanding the producer sometimes can make you understand the movie.

Topeka panta I don’t want to spoil any one work or compare but buka street is way better ,this movie shows us how some kids inherit fight from parent it goes from generation to another without forgiveness and this is something very true ,parent want kids to carry on their legacy of hate ,don’t talk to this uncle Bec of one reason that makes no sense this is someting that is happening a movie is suppose to be based on real life or fiction if it’s a fiction let’s add some reality to it ..

– It is the fight from home they took outside now ????????????????my prayer for them is to get their money worth back comparing them is wrong they both work hard

– dey play ????… You wan compare the Storyline? Casting? Directing? Suspense just dey play oo .. Your taste bud must be bad for you to say that

– exactly that battle on Buka street no sweet at all the ending no make any sense.

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