“Even After You Don Get Money, You still no fine if no be photoshoot and editing”- Fan downgrade actress Tawa Ajisefinni’s beauty, she replied

Tawa Ajisefinni, a Nigerian actress, recently faced derogatory comments from a fan who criticized her appearance by insinuating that she only looks good in photos because of editing and filters, praizemedia report.

However, the actress did not let the negative comment bring her down and responded with grace and confidence, standing up for herself. Her response showed that she values self-love and positive body image, and she refuses to be defined by someone else’s opinion.

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However, a fan took to the comment section to criticize her appearance, saying even in her recent photo, she’s still not beautiful without the help of photoshoots and editing.

The comment read, “You still no fine if no be photoshot and editing. Use normal camera make we confirm”

Despite the hurtful comment, Tawa Ajisefinni took to the fan post replied, “@investor_0123 pele arewa agbaye…Ori e ti buru….post ur sisters pic make we see ashiere”

The comment from the fan quickly gained attention on social media, with many fans of Tawa Ajisefinni coming to her defense and expressing their disappointment with the derogatory remark.

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