“Haa, U dey drip come ile kewu” – Comedian Taaooma raises the bar as she shows perfect illustration of Alfa’s in ilorin with their students in new video (Watch)

Popular Nigerian comedian Maryam Apaokagi-Greene better known as Taaooma has raised the bar following the way she shows a perfect illustration of Alfa’s in Ilorin, Kwara-State, praizemedia report.

In the new comedy skit video making the rounds online, Taaooma shows the relationship between Alfa and their students in Ilorin based on her experience and by extension get many people.

Taaooma, a graduate of Kwara-State University (KWASU) in the trending clip dressed absolutely like a Muqqadam while sitting in fronts of students teaching them the contents inside the holy-Quran and Tira.

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The video kickstarted with Taaooma correcting two of her students called yousuf and abdullah who stand on her while reciting Quran noting that they were supposed to bend their knees and that was just the beginning.

Taaooma however faced another student named Quareeb using the Ilorin local language to tell him to recite the Qaida (Tira) , responding, the student called Quareeb obliqued to the instruction and started reading it.

However instead of pronouncing BAA BII BUU, the student pronounced Baa BII QUE.

Upon hearing this, Taaooma becomes shocked as she was seen asking the fellow colleague if the contents in the Qoida has been written again in another form. She further asks the student if the ongoing fast has taken over him.

Taaooma said; “It’s just 10:00a, and you are seeing baebecue in your book – tira, how many have you fasted.”

In an attempt to disclipine, Quareeb with a cane for repeating the same BAA BII QUE despite being taught before, Taaooma spotted Quareeb chains on his neck and by extension landed massive cane on him as he couldn’t believe a student with come to the mosque dripping so hard like that.

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