Story of GBENGA ADEBOYE (1959-2003) the Man who died twice (Photos)

Unarguably, Gbenga Adeboye still remains the most known and widely accepted radio broadcaster in Yoruba lands, even in death.

The legend was born into a Christian family on 30th September 1959, at Ode Omu, Gbongan, Osun State, Nigeria.

In some of his narratives that serve as his authobiography he narrated how he had knowledge of both Islamic and Traditional religions.And this is evident in his records.

Describing himself, he said that he was a man who chose to combine the three religions, i.e Islam, Christianity and Traditional together so that he would be accord special recognition in Heaven. No need for explanation as he was a man who quoted Al-Qur’an, Bible, and Oracle verses with precision, exactness, and correctness. His birth by a church general overseer regardless, it was believed that these quotations earned him the 3-1 nickname Alhaji, Pastor, Oluwo.

Late Adeboye first worked as a freelance radio presenter for Radio Lagos where he used to anchor a very popular programme which turned a favourite of his (Yoruba) audience titled ‘Funwontan’ in 1981.

Funwontan, which literarily means ‘Give it all to them’, was later re-newed to ‘Gbenga Adeboye in the Mix’ on Radio Lagos of Lagos state, and ‘Gbenga Adeboye in the House’ on OGBC – Ogun State Broadcasting Organization.
While working fervently on these radio programmes, he released over nine albums and put them out on cassette, including Ph.D Beetle, Orosunkunnu 1 & 2, Funwontan 1 & 2, linle Or Láti Ori Ité Mimo 1 & 2, Versatility, London Yabis, Aiyetoto, Supremacy and Controversy.

He had too many names. Though born Elijah ‘Nurudeen’ Oluwagbemiga Adeboye, he got multiple names that it became difficult to keep track of his names.The names were as a result of his exploits in humour and music. Some of the names are:

Funwontan, Alhaji Pastor Oluwo, Abefe, Jengbetiele, Alaye mi Gbengulo, One man battalion, Arole-Abija Of His Area, etc.

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