“This is how to treat a maid” – Lady Takes Good Care of Her Housemaid, Puts Her in the Same Expensive School With Her Kid (See Photos)

A woman has changed the life of her housemaid for the better by taking outstanding care of her like her child.

The mom enrolled the girl in the same school as her kids, according to pictures of the housekeeper that were posted on Facebook. Nigerians who saw the change in the child praised the mom and urged her to keep up the good work.

On Facebook, a woman has received accolades for the excellent care she is giving to her housekeeper. Victor Anozie Bloguploaded pictures of the youngster on Facebook, showing a girl who appears to be well-fed and cared for.

The mom said that although the daughter was adopted, she receives the same treatment and benefits as her biological child. In contrast to other households that enroll maids in run-down government schools, the girl attends the same school as the woman’s children.

An old photo of the child taken when she was in the village showed that her life changed after she started living with the woman. The photos have drawn applause from Nigerians who asked the woman to continue the good work she is doing in the girl’s life.

See the photos below:

Jessica Dams: She’s too small to be a maid you are just helping her God bless you more grace

Princess Uche Charles: Good woman, God won’t stop blessing you with wealth and good health…

Blessing Stephen: Keep up the good work!God bless you that girl will always remember you in anything and she Will Take care of you when you grow older not like me my mom cousin sister treat me like dustbin I will not forget

Princess Awelewa: The painful part of it is that her family will stupidly wake up after some years now that she should come home thst they are missing her, she will go and they will never allow her to come back they will marry her out. They will in turn kill her destiny , very unreasonable people. May God reward you sis

Aver Abege: Good woman, just say u adopt her because what can she possibly help apart from playing with your phenomenal daura like siblings do? You have a good heart and God bless you continually

Loveth Anozie: Keep up the good work! God bless you ma it’s not some people finds it difficult, to treat someone’s child good and take care of them without discriminating, God is a rewarder of good or bad. Nobody knows tomorrow or what it holds.

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