“I’m proud to be yours and Always Gbadun you down Cucumber”– Late Alafin of Oyo’s wife Queen Dami gushes over Portable (Watch)

In a recent development, the late Alafino of Oyo’s wife, Queen Dami, has taken to social media to celebrate Valentine’s Day with an adorable message for artist Portable.

She excitedly expressed that Portable was her man, while also stating that he had her whole heart.

She further disclosed that she loves him for everything that he is, while stating that he is the strongest and most principled person that she knows.

Still gushing over him, she revealed that she was proud of him and also proud to love him and proud to be his. In her words, she says,

“My man, my whole heart, the love of my life, I love you for everything that you are. You are the strongest and most principled person I know. I want you to know that I am so proud of you, proud to love you and proud to be yours. I also want you to know that I trust you with all of my heart and I believe my heart is safe with you.”

Now recall that back in August of 2023, Portable had confirmed the affair with late Alafino of Oyo’s wife after they both exchanged endearing words to each other, with Queen Dami referring to Pottebool as king and Portable referring to her as queen.

Also, in an interview with the Honest Bunch podcast, Portable had also revealed that the queen had always been his fan from day one and that after her husband, the king died, he started to get close to her.

In the Valentine’s Day vein, recall that Kemi Filani had reported yesterday that a pastor had slammed people who are celebrating Valentine’s Day. He expressed that Valentine’s Day was only meant for oloshos and that people should abstain from committing sin.

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