“He is a gorgeous baby” – Video of 11month-old child with facial hair sparks reactions online (Watch)

A rare video of a 11month-old child has surfaced online and by extension being trailed mixed reactions.

In the clip, the 11-month old boy that is set to clock 1-year-old gets social media abuzz with his facial hair.


While this kind of situation is very rare in younger ones not to talk of a 11 month old boy, the video shows the baby crawling embedded with facial hair.

The 11-month-old child has hair on his head that looks like that of an adult with with hairs extensing to the beard and mustache level.

The baby is still using his pampers and still at crawling stage despite looking like a fine adult old enough to have a girlfriend.

The video captures the moment the 11-month-old child is being fed with his bottle of water.

It left many in awe as the facial hair on the little baby makes the clip seem unbelievable to them.


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