“I don’t think i’m ready to get married or getting pregnant, If I need a baby I will buy one” – Mercy Eke shares her plans of getting a sperm donor

In a recent interview with Hero Daniels, Mercy Eke,former winner of Big Brother Naija Pepper dem and runner up in the Big brother Naija All-Stars, made some startling revelations about her personal life, relationships, and her stance on marriage.

Mercy opened up about her hesitation to tie the knot in the interview with Hero Daniels. She expressed uncertainty about marriage, stating that she doesn’t feel ready for it just yet. Her candidness about this topic shed light on the pressure she’s been under from her mother, who, like many African mothers, has been urging her to get married.


Mercy also revealed that she has one last relationship left in her before she considers giving up on the idea of marriage. If things don’t work out in this last relationship, she may reevaluate her perspective on matrimony.

Before participating in Big Brother Nigeria All-Stars, Mercy had a unique plan for her future self. She had considered the option of having a child through a sperm donor and raising that child as her one true love. She also revealed that she would no longer be able to get married once that happens because she will make her child the Centre of her world.

One of the most significant turning points in the interview was when Hero Daniels convinced Mercy to remain open to love, even if she decides to become a mother through alternative means.

Recall that a surprising twist, Kemi Filani had reported that Mercy Eke and Angel, who had a close relationship during their time in the Big Brother house, unfollowed each other on Instagram. Their relationship had experienced ups and downs during the show’s final days, with issues of lies and deceit causing friction.

Also recall that just yesterday, Kemi Filani had reported that Mercy Eke had broken down in tears during her interview with Hero Daniels. She expressed her shock at the reception she received for participating in Big Brother Nigeria All-Stars for a second time. Mercy felt disheartened by the public’s disapproval of her return, especially considering that she wasn’t the only previous winner in the house.

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