Discover The Twins of The Entertainment Industry: Kehinde Bankole, Eniola Ajao, And Others You Might Not Be Aware Of (Photos)

Twins are said to be blessings to their parents and those around them but that was not the case centuries ago. Many years ago in some parts of the world, twins were either seen as small gods, who are worshipped or evil and must be killed. Atimes, both twins are killed, at other times, one of them is spared.

Fast forward to today, as a civilized nation we have moved past the killings of twins such that we have twins scattered all around the world. In some cultures it’s easy to figure out if a person has a twin due to the distinct name twins are called like Yoruba people call twins, Ibeji i.e Taiwo and Kehinde, depending on which twin was born first or second, while Igbo people call twins Ejima, in Hausa they are called tagwaye.


Discover The Twins of The Entertainment Industry: Kehinde Bankole, Eniola Ajao, And Others You Might Not Be Aware Of (Photos)

Lately twins sometimes do not use traditional native names and so it’s difficult to identify twins, they prefer to use names like singletons.

In Nigeria’s showbiz, there a good number of twins. Some we are familiar with, and some we aren’t, majorly because some are not identical twins and also because they have very chosen very different career path and love their private life.

Here are the list of celebrities in the entertainment industry you didn’t know were twins:

Eniola Ajao and Kehinde

Eniola Ajao is not a new name in the Nollywood industry as the movie actress is a protege of star actor, Odunlade Adekola.

Unknown to many, Eniola is a twin and she is Taiwo. They were born January 21. The light-skinned actress and her twin sister Kehinde are from Epe, Lagos State. Eniola has been consistent in the Yoruba movie industry since 2004 when she got her first shot. She has a number of awards and endorsement deals with reputable companies.

Her twin sister, Kehinde on the other hand, is a businesswoman that enjoys her private life a lot, and the actress rarely flaunts her pictures except just on special occasions.

Kehinde Bankole and Taiwo

Kehinde Bankole is another popular Nigerian actress, model and television host. Judging from her name, it’s easy to guess she is a twin but no one really knew her twin sister until she made the revelation some years ago. Taiwo and Kehinde Bankole were born 27 March 1985 in Ogun state and they are fraternal twins.

While Taiwo isn’t so much on the big screen, Kehinde is the Nollywood sweetheart that came into prominence in 2007, after featuring in Wale Adenuga’s produced super story.

Kehinde made her entertainment debut in the 2003 Miss Commonwealth Nigeria beauty contest, then proceeded to the 2004 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant.

Taiwo Aromokun and Kehinde

Taiwo Aromokun is a former popular actress and single mum of twins who relocated abroad some years ago.

Taiwo and Kehinde are inseparable and reside abroad. Taiwo Aromoku who was a popular actress is often described by her colleagues as a pretty, curvy and very blunt actress. She made headlines many years back when she declared that she dated actor Odunlade Adekola and they almost got married though she eventually got married to Olayemi Abimbola aka Ogun of Holland in 2012 and relocated abroad.

Before she relocated abroad, she was among the top actresses making waves in the Yoruba movie industry and features in almost all the movies produced by Odunlade Adekola, since she trained under him. Her twin sister Kehinde also maintains a very private profile.

Mary Lazarus and Joseph

Mary Lazarus is a Nigerian actress and movie producer who won the city people movie award for ‘most promising actress of the Year’ at the city people entertainment awards in 2018 and was nominated, for ‘best actress’ in a leading role in the same year at the best of Nollywood awards. Born May 5, 1989 in Abia.

Unknown to many, she has a twin brother called Joseph Lazarus who is not in the showbiz industry and also keeps a low profile on social media. They are both the last in the family of 7. Joseph is an entrepreneur with interest in Oil & Gas.

Georgina Chloe Eku Edewor-Thorley and Kessiana Edewor-Thorley

Georgina Chloe Eku Edewor-Thorley, otherwise known as Eku Edewor and Kessiana Edewor were born December 18, 1986. They are identical twins. Eku Edewor is a British Nigerian actress, television presenter and model. She is best known for her work as host of the entertainment television program, 53 Extra on Africa Magic.

Eku Edewor is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated media personalities. With years of experience in the TV game, Edewor isn’t just your everyday celeb but one who has become a force to reckon with.

Eku Edewor was born in 1986 with her twin sister, Kessiana in London to a British father and Nigerian mum. Kessiana is an interior designer/ fashion & marketing consultant.

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