“We have taken her to church and different kind of places, come and carry your wahala”— DJ Chicken Mother In-law called him out for abondoning his daughter (Watch)

Popular DJ chicken on Instagram and Tiktoker has received criticism from his mother-in-law for not being able to look after his son.

The mother-in-law who said that he took the youngster to various churches for prayer over his behavior and morals.She continued by saying that no one in her neighborhood was unaware of the youngster due to the manner he always caused trouble in the neighborhood and behaved.


DJ chicken who is popularly known for his violence behalf both on Instagram and Tiktok has shown that the little boy inherit his father behaviour, because from the woman explanation it shown that he his truly his son.

The son who is just the photocopy of DJ chicken has got many people online talking about the resemblance.

Gistlover Who share the video on his page wrote: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????this social media and Wahala ehn, from one wahala to another, which one be this again like this , Chicken them Dey call you oo????????

DJ Chicken mother in-law calls out DJ Chicken for abandoning his daughter in the village and flexing all around Lagos.

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