“Na Old Woman, If Dey Born You Well Go Toast Her”— Actor Aremu Afolayan As Issue Warn To Men’s Over His Sister Actress Moyi Afolayan (Watch)

Aremu Afolayan has a stir reaction he shares a video of himself and all other Afolayan members

Aremu Afolayan has warned all Nigerians never to try or go near Moji Afolayan because she is old already and she is married to Babalawo, Aremu who on video revealed that the whole of the Afolayan family is all present at the bar.


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In Yoruba voice, the actor warns that she is over old already and if they dare anybody to try to toast her sister you people should remember she got married to a filmBabalawoo.

Moji Afolayan who is currently married to Ojopagogo, a Yoruba actor who is fond of acting as either babalawo or an IF priest

The post Captions; Prettiest in #horsepowerautos to night,with my other afolayan brother

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