Vehicle used to carry Mohbad’s body for autopsy allegedly developed mechanical faults, Video stirs Reactions (Video)

A vehicle transporting the late Nigerian musician Mohbad’s remains to the laboratory for autopsy reportedly had a technical malfunction, Praizemedia report.

The event has caused a delay in the investigation, adding to the already heightened attention and suspicion surrounding the artist’s tragic death.

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The shocking incident was revealed when an onlooker who happened to be nearby recorded a video of the breakdown.

The unidentified witness voiced amazement and anxiety as they pointed to the vehicle carrying Mohbad’s body, describing it as a Sienna.

The witness also provided the identity of the driver who was in charge of carrying the artist’s remains.

The video became viral rapidly, spreading through multiple social media platforms and news sites.

It has given light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s final journey and sparked heated debate among fans, fellow artists, and the general public.

Many people have spoken out in support of a thorough and honest study of Mohbad’s remains.

Netizens Reactions…
@#biba#respect#islam said: “Mohbad don’t wanna go God please bring him back.”

@OSAS EMPIRE said: “God pls do your miracle bring back Mohbad for us.

@aramide commented: “God you are the one that raised Lazarus. Please we want mohbad back.”

@Ojuolape shadiat said: “The government should show us his full body before the autopsy begins.”

@sully_gold reacted: “Father lord, please bring imole back to life.”

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