“It’s a Trap, It’s all planned, But God Will Deliver You” – Actor Yomi Fabiyi Prays for Baba Ijesha, Throw shade at Iyabo Ojo and Princess (Video)

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has remembered his friend Baba Ijesha In a new post on his page on Instagram, praizemedia report.

In the post, he prays earnestly for Baba Ijesha and reveals that Baba Ijesha was planned for.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW ????⬇️⬇️⬇️????

Sharing a video of Baba Ijesha crying, he wrote ;

May we NOT be AMBUSHED INTO MISFORTUNE to the extent that those who criminally organised the crime will get a pat on the bag by the law. There are too many cover-ups and extreme wickedness in your case that is still giving me sleepless nights.

Baba Ijesha, God that is fighting for you is not asleep. They wanted you sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT and 16YEARS together for having sex with a child or penetration(defilement). You insisted you didn’t do it, you insisted during police investigation, you maintained the same throughout the court trial, and God saved you. You were not found guilty of that.

That they got 5 years sentence(sexual assault of a minor) is not final, and cool you are appealing. Trust me, the integrity of the judiciary is valuable to many, and they will do everything to uphold it if and when necessary.

I wish you the best as the law of every sane society opposed entrapment, child abuse, rape, sexual abuse, miscarriage of justice, oppression, human rights violations, torture, domestic violence, tampering with police investigation, parental negligence etc.


I pray that you, your children, and mine will not fall into the TRAP set by wicked and evil people of this world. A ni lugbadi aiye oh.

Yomi Fabiyi
Convener, Break The Silence Foundation(Registered Human Rights NGO Est. 2018).

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