“All The Woman I Offended Please Forgive, I stepped on so many women’s toes” – Actor, Sule Suebebe begs for forgiveness as he battles illness (Video)

Nollywood actor, Sule Suebebe popularly known as Suebebe has appealed to the women he offended during his youthful days, praizemedia report.

In a video making the rounds online, the Yorba actor has sought forgiveness from the harem of women he dated.

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In the viral video posted online by clergyman, Pastor Agbala Gabriel, Suebebe admitted that during his youthful days, he stepped on so many toes due to his wayward and lackadaisical lifestyle, especially when he was still a musician.

The emotional video captured the actor taking accountability for his past actions. The Yoruba actor stated that during his youth days, he had an uncountable number of girlfriends and he didn’t know the one he offended.

He disclosed that he married a lady abroad and they both had children together and he can’t even see them again.

Suebebe stated that he would have loved to prostrate as a way of seeking forgiveness but he can’t because of his poor health.

Apologizing to his wives and girlfriends, he asked them to forgive him and pray for him.

The veteran is currently battling health issues and can’t walk.

Luckily for him, many Nigerians including the clergyman have donated over N9 million to him. Some even went as far as promising to send him monthly upkeep. A two-bedroom apartment is currently under construction for him.

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