“Does this happen to any Mum who….”– Janemena shares motherhood experience

Janemena, a popular Nigerian dancer and social media personality, has recently shared her struggles with motherhood, Praizemedia report.

In a post on her social media platform, she disclosed that she experiences unhappiness every time she pumps milk for her baby. As a mother of one, she reached out to other mothers for advice and support regarding this matter.


This is not the first time Janemena has shared her experiences with motherhood. She often posts about her journey as a mother on her social media platforms, where she has a large following. Her openness and honesty about the challenges of motherhood have earned her the respect and admiration of many of her followers.

In her recent post, Janemena asked other mothers if they have had similar experiences while nursing their children. She sought advice and support from other mothers who may have gone through the same struggles.

This is a common practice among mothers, who often rely on each other for support and guidance throughout their motherhood journey.

She Wrote;

“Does this happen to any mum who pumps!? Whenever I’m pumping I get so sad, unhappy, overthinking and starts crying most times.

“Now, Pumping doesn’t hurt so I don’t understand why that happens. The very minute it comes off my chest. I’m good again. It’s super crazy and it’s just like magic.”

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