“Awon Iya mi Osoronga have done it”– Singer, Temmie Ovwasa thanks her ‘witchcraft coven’ for making her stepfather pay for molesting her as a child

Controversial singer, Temmie Ovwasa has taken to social media to praise her witchcraft coven for dealing mercilessly with her stepfather, who molested her as a child, Praizemedia report.

The former YBNL signee, who is known for dabbling in black magic and lesbianism, took to Twitter to express her joy at finally seeing her stepfather suffer for molesting her at a young age, thanks to her coven.


Though she did not specify how her stepfather is suffering, she did state that she is the type of witch who seeks vengeance on her enemies.

The 26-year-old singer tweeted,

“Watching my stepfather pay for molesting me as a child>>>>> I love when the witchcraft is witchcraftingl) What Jesus cannot do, Awon iya mi Osoronga can do it, Iya mi, Yasan
Put their names in a jar of blood, let them suffer too.

I’m the type of witch that always gets their pound of flesh, with a front row ticket to watch your demise, I’ll even offer to foot your bills just for a closer view and I absolutely love it when my demons have fun.”

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