“Nobody should come to me about S3x for role, I’m too old to respond to small ladies looking for fame” – Actor Yemi Solade blast Celebrities Begging For S3x for Movie role

Several years ago, an incident caused a woman to become an overnight sensation on the internet, praizemedia report.

The woman accused Yomi Fabiyi, an actor and producer, of soliciting sex from her in exchange for a role in one of his films. While the controversy was still ongoing, another woman stepped forward on Instagram to accuse Yemi Solade of making similar advances towards her in exchange for a role.According to reports, Lawal Dolapo approached Solade about a potential movie role, but he allegedly requested that she visit a guest house.

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“Years ago, when my desire to be an actor was strong, I believed in myself so much,” she wrote. I was going to auditions, getting calls, and whenever I was called on set, it reminded me of school. I was looking at this man’s page, the almighty @yemi solade, and I noticed his BBM pin on his profile. I gave him a request, which he accepted as a hustler female. It felt like heaven on earth, and my prayers seemed to be ready to be answered.

“You know, I was the one who sent him compliments first!” The next thing I said, sir, was that I’d like to be in movies. He said it was no problem and that we should meet somewhere in Ajah.

“When I looked up the address, I discovered it was a guest home. ‘Sir, you remind me of my father,’ I said (I was about 20 years old then). ‘I know my children, and you are not one of them,’ Uncle remarked. Come if you wish to play a part.’

He stated, “This is not an issue for me. Do you know me as a producer that gives out jobs to actors? Are you the CEO of your company? If they want to employ, are you the one to employ new staff members? It is the owner of the company or MD that employs. So, it is the producer that approaches actors for roles, not a fellow actor.”

He insisted that most young girls were just lazy people, looking for unnecessary attention and fame, and since they knew that bloggers and journalists were always after controversies, they could put out anything.

Solade added, “Instead of these young girls to work hard, they are looking for an easy road to fame by cooking up all sorts of stories. Before you became a practising journalist, what did you do? Didn’t you study journalism? I am also sure you’ve worked hard before you got to where you are today. My advice to all these girls is that they should go to proper schools and get trained to become professionals. They should not cut corners. If you are good at your job, producers will hire you for roles. They should stop thinking that their body or beauty will get the roles for them. I am not bothered about it and I don’t even want to talk about it.

“I decided to be silent because it is not an issue to me. If I am a movie producer, it is a different thing. I don’t produce movies. I did not react to it because of my age. I kept silent because I believe that at my age, I should not be involved in issues like this.”

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