“Anty Ramon You too dey Knack ??? Wetin CD Dey Do For Your Bag??”- Netizen React As They Found CD Inside Aunty Ramota Bag(Video)

Aunty Ramota is a “popular small-size socialite” and that she made a “shocking revelation about a condom found in her bag”, praizemedia report.

This suggests that Aunty Ramota is someone who is well-known in her community, and that the discovery of a condom in her bag is unexpected or surprising.The text also mentions that Lara Light, who is Aunty Ramota’s Instagram administrator, was “shocked” to see the condom in her bag, and asked her what it was for. Aunty Ramota’s response that she uses it to “rub her face” is somewhat unusual and raises further questions.

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The text implies that there may be some controversy or scandal surrounding Aunty Ramota’s use of the condom, and that Lara Light’s questioning may reveal more details about the situation.

Lara said, “What is this?”, Aunty Ramota replied “Condom; I use it for rubbing my face”.

Lara further asked her, “Eh … rub your face? Where did you get it?:, Aunty Ramota replierd “I got it at the health center when I went for COVID.”

Lara said: “What do you use it for?” Aunty Ramota, replied, “For rubbing my face; they use it for rubbing the face.”

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