“Take it or leave, I am Nollywood’s cutest, Finest”- Actor Rotimi Salami brags Shares Video

Rotimi Salami, a popular Nigerian actor, recently made a bold statement on his Instagram page, where he proclaimed himself as the most attractive actor in the Nigerian film industry, also known as Nollywood. In the post, he shared a photo of himself looking dapper, and captioned it with his full name and the claim that he is Nollywood’s cutest actor, whether people like it or not, praizemedia report.

This post generated mixed reactions from his followers. While some fans supported his claim, others accused him of being conceited and arrogant. Some fans even joked about competing with him for the “Nollywood Cutest” title.

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While it is not uncommon for actors and actresses to promote their appearances on social media, Rotimi Salami’s post was particularly noteworthy due to his bold claim of being the most handsome actor in Nollywood.

His fans were quick to respond, expressing their opinions on his post, which created a lively discussion on social media.

Overall, Rotimi Salami’s post highlights the importance of social media in modern-day celebrity culture, as actors and actresses use platforms like Instagram to engage with fans and promote their personal brand. However, it also shows that such posts can be polarizing and elicit mixed reactions from fans.

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