“See free T0t0”– Netizens react as Sophia goes Pantl3ss, P££ on fan

Well-known American singer, Sophia Urista has become a massive trend on social media after she reportedly p€€ in a male fans mouth during a stage performance, Praizemedia report.

After all this craze and madness between fans and singers, there are some crazy things done on stage.


Well during a Rockville Metal Festival at Daytona Beach in Florida, female Brass Against band singer Sophia Urista did the unthinkable.

Looking all intoxicated, she acted kinky with one of the male fans by announcing that she wanted someone to drink her pee.

A male fan volunteered and got onto stage lying face up.

Sophia stood above him legs apart and unzipped her jeans and let out a pool of urine into the man’s face.

This fan seemed to enjoy every stream from Sophia’s already salty and sweated cookie.

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