Meet Margaret Bandele Olayinka, Iya Gbonkan and Grandson who is a Media Influencer

Asiwaju Lerry, who is an active user of the social media platform Twitter, shared a photograph on his account, Praizemedia report.

The picture featured Margaret Bandele Olayinka, a prominent Nollywood actress known for her exceptional acting skills and remarkable portrayal of Iya Gbonkan.


Iya Gbonkan is a popular character in Nigerian movies who is often depicted as a wicked leader of occult groups. Margaret Bandele Olayinka has played this role with great finesse, and her performances have won her many accolades and a huge fan following.

It is noteworthy that Asiwaju Lerry’s tweet has generated significant interest and engagement on the platform, with many fans of the actress and Nigerian movie enthusiasts expressing their admiration for Margaret Bandele Olayinka’s remarkable acting skills and performances.

Asiwaju Lerry caused a stir on social media when he introduced Margaret Bandele Olayinka, popularly known for her recurring role as a witch in Yoruba movies, as his grandma. Netizens were quick to jump to the comments section, expressing their shock and offering apologies to Asiwaju for his supposed grandmother’s character in the movies.

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