See This 19-year-old pregnant Lady who wrote her final year exam in labour room and graduates from U.S university with first-class

Nayzia Thomas, a remarkable 19-year-old woman who took her final year exams while in labor and about to give birth, has achieved a first-class degree from Johnson County Community College in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, praizemedia report.

Despite being pregnant at the time of her exams, Nayzia demonstrated exceptional academic performance and determination to succeed.

Having achieved a GPA of 3.50, Nayzia Thomas earned a first-class Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She shared that her motivation for completing her studies before the birth of her son, Anthony Johnson, led her to submit her final exam 12 hours before giving birth.

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In an interview with Yahoo, Nayzia recounted that although the deadline for her exam was not until the end of the week, she wanted to finish everything beforehand. She stated, “before all this gets crazy, let me hurry up and finish this final.”

After her accomplishment, Nayzia took to social media to share her labor room exam experience with her friends. She posted a before-and-after photo that her mother captured while she was in the hospital.

Nayzia shared on Twitter that despite giving birth to a healthy baby boy, she experienced significant blood loss and went into shock after delivery. She described the experience as terrifying, but thankfully her son’s father was present to take over when she became unconscious. Nayzia expressed her gratitude for their blessings.

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